Sunday: Easy chicken Stir-Fry (DIY)
Monday: Salmon with Roasted Rapini & Tomatoes (DIY)
Tuesday: Leftovers: chicken stir-fry
Wednesday:   Take-Out after pick-up Suz from the Airport
Thursday: SavoryGirl’s Tortellini Soup
Friday: Leftovers: Tortellini Soup
Saturday: Dinner at Incanto for Christian’s Birthday!

This week is an easy-breezy one…mostly because I’m out of town and Christian is on his own, but he still likes to cook for himself. So this is what he’s planning on making this week; a simple chicken stir-fry, his favorite veggie alongside some grilled salmon and then later in the week when I’m home we’ll make my super comforting and easy Tortellini Soup. I’ve been eating a version of this tortellini soup since I was a kid…so really my mom gets the credit for this one, but we did make it our own by adding mushrooms!

At the end of the week we have a special day to celebrate…Christian’s Birthday! It’s actually not until next Tuesday but we’ll go out and have a night on the town Saturday at one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Incanto…read my post from our last visit. Incanto is Chris Cosentino’s place…if you haven’t heard of him you will! He’s an up and coming celebrity chef in his own right, recently winning Top Chef Masters and really being known for his specialty dishes that feature offal. He’s one of the leaders in the “whole animal” movement that I hope will start to sweep the nation. Stay tuned, I’ll likely write up another post on this fabulous spot after Christian’s birthday dinner.