Disappearing Zucchini Orzo with Grilled Shrimp

Sunday: Beef Wellington Bites with Red Wine Rosemary Dipping Sauce
Monday: Disappearing Zucchini Orzo with Grilled Shrimp
Tuesday: Leftovers: Beef Wellington Bites 
Wednesday: Leftovers: Orzo with Grilled Shrimp
Thursday: Leftovers: Orzo with Grilled Shrimp
Friday: Camping in Tahoe!!
Saturday: Camping in Tahoe!! 

This is going to be a yummy yet simple week leading up to a weekend of spectacular fall camping in Tahoe, which I’m super excited about! Starting the week off, I’ll be making my second Omaha Steaks meal for my guest  post on SteakBytes.com.  They wanted a spin on a tailgating at home dish so I decided to take their Beef Wellington and turn it into Beef Wellington Bites to serve alongside a yummy Red Wine Rosemary Dipping Sauce.  Of course you can also just cook up Beef Wellington normally and drizzle the sauce over it.  I’ve made this sauce before and it’s delicious…only difference is that I mince the garlic and rosemary and leave it in the sauce vs. leaving them whole and taking them out at the end. I also typically half the recipe since I don’t need as much. I’ll likely serve alongside a garlicky green vegetable…maybe brussel sprouts or peas depending on what I’m in the mood for on Sunday.  Peas seem so much more fitting for Beef Wellington despite the fact that they’re not currently in season.

I’ll round out the week with an old summer staple…Disappearing Zucchini Orzo with Grilled Shrimp.  I know it’s not summer anymore, but I froze some extra shredded zucchini I had from a Farmer’s Market run a while back so I’m going to use that up here.  I like that this dish is a bit lighter to contrast the beef wellington as well.  Then off for a weekend of fun camping in Tahoe! Brats, fajitas, grilled corn and more all cooked over the fire…and of course, lots of S’Mores!

As always, if you need a few more recipes  visit my menu archives and recipes to find other meals to round out your week. Happy cooking…