Sunday: Use leftover crudite  to make DIY Asian Noodle soup
Monday: White Bean & Kale Soup
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with Thanksgiving Spicy Cranberry Sauce, Rice & Seasonal Veggie (DIY)
Wednesday: Leftovers: Chicken
Thursday: Leftovers: Soup
Friday: Eat Out
Saturday: Orange Fennel Steamed Salmon with Roasted Winter Veggies

Feeling a little guilty after my indulgent Thanksgiving weekend in Palm Springs (we had 12 desserts for 14 people!)…so we’re going to try our best to get our appetites back to normal this week and make homemade healthy meals.  The soup and Salmon dishes are two of our favorite healthy meals in the winter, while the chicken dish is inspired by the crazy delicious leftover Cranberry-Red Pepper Jelly we made for Thanksgiving.  If you had as much good eating as I did over the past few days, good luck in your own efforts to get back on track, it’s always hard this time of year but sticking to a simple & healthy dinner meal plan sure is helpful!