Sunday: Cheese Souffle & Roasted Red Pepper Salad (DIY)
Monday: Orange Fennel Steamed Salmon with Roasted Winter Veggies
Tuesday: Leftovers: Souffle
Wednesday: Easy Egg Dish (DIY)
Thursday: Taco Night (DIY)
Friday: Leftovers: Tacos
Saturday: Eat Out

We didn’t quite make it to our fish dish last week, but since we have all of the ingredients except for the salmon we’re just going to roll it over into this week’s menu…feel free to peruse the fish/seafood archives if you need to find another meal to swap in.  I’m not sure I’ve ever made a souffle, although Christian insists that I have. Either way I’m a a bit nervous about it falling, but I’m sure it will be yummy even if it isn’t pretty. The French Chicken, on the other hand, is something we’ve been making for at least 8 years…really good and pretty darn easy. Of course, you know Taco Night is a favorite in the Henricksen house as well. Have a great week!