Sunday: Roasted Pork Loin with Stuffed Squash Blossoms and Dandelion Greens
Monday: Grilled Halibut with quinoa and asparagus
Tuesday: Lemony Chicken Orzo Soup with Spring Peas & Spring Onions
Wednesday:    Leftovers: Pork Loin with Roasted Purple Cauliflower & Salad
Thursday: Leftovers: Chicken & Orzo Soup
Friday: In San Diego!
Saturday: In San Diego!

The bounty of soon-to-be Summer appears to have arrived early in the Bay Area!  The Farmer’s Market was exploding with colors and scents this morning so while parts of my menu were already set I’ve managed to work in as much of that fresh, local produce as possible.  Starting with tonight…to go along with our traditional Sunday dinner of a roasted pork loin we were inspired by the beautiful squash blossoms at the farmer’s market.  So we’ll serve those stuffed and baked alongside some fresh dandelion greens sauteed in a bit of olive oil, salt and red pepper flakes. .  Monday we’ll continue with some of our amazingly delicious local  asparagus…the spring season is almost over here, so we have to eat it up while we can.  Tuesday we’re making a soup that we made about a month ago that we both just loved…Lemony Chicken Orzo Soup, but in the spirit of Spring I’m adding in some fresh spring peas and onions (the tops…similar to scallions).  This soup is so easy to make and so surprisingly fabulous…that zing of freshly squeezed lemon really wakes up your taste buds and turns a normally comforting dish into something light yet still soul satisfying.

The rest of the week and early next week we’ll be in San Diego to hang out with good friends for Memorial Day Weekend…probably lots of grilling and beer!  If you need some additional recipes to get you through check out my recipe archives and menu archives.