Sunday: Italian Vegetable Stew
Monday: Leftovers: Papaya Salad with Grilled Shrimp
Tuesday: Leftovers: Italian Vegetable Stew
Wednesday:    Leftovers: Italian Vegetable Stew
Thursday: Mexican Style Tofu Scramble with tortillas and fruit 
Friday: Leftovers: Mexican Tofu Scramble
Saturday: Eat Out

We’re continuing our simple and healthy trend this week with a mostly vegetarian menu…summer’s right around the corner you know! So first up is a new recipe from Bon Appétit for an Italian Vegetable Stew. It’s a little wintery since it has collard greens and kale in it, but it looked so rustic and yummy I just couldn’t resist…served alongside some hearty whole grain bread and you have yourself the perfect Sunday meal.

Then we’ll have some of our yummy Papaya Salad leftovers from late last week with grilled shrimp and then since I’m at a local conference this week Christian will have the Italian stew leftovers for a couple of nights.  We’ll finish the week out with a spin on our typical egg tacos, but this time substituting tofu for the eggs.  It’s another new Bon Appétit recipe and since I pretty much love anything Mexican I’m sure I’ll love it and I hope you do too!