Sunday: Leftovers: Spicy Beans & Greens Stew
Monday: Bruins Game then Sushi with Katherine
Tuesday: Leftovers: Spicy Beans & Greens Stew
Wednesday: Dinner with Allison
Thursday: Healthy Turkey Tacos
Friday: PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) Fundraiser Event & drinks for a Rose’s birthday
Saturday: Leftovers: Tacos

So the good news is, I suddenly have a very active social life! The bad news is that means my menus are likely less than helpful to others since I’m eating out a bit more and relying on leftovers best I can in between so that I still have time to work out and do other things after work.  But of course in order to have those leftovers that means I need to make sure I’m cooking plenty on the weekends to stock the freezer…so don’t you worry, SavoryGirl cooking is still alive and well!  Luckily for this week my freezer is still pretty stocked so it will be an easy week.

First I’ll be relying on frozen leftovers of a delicious, healthy Spicy Beans & Wilted Greens stew I made about a month ago.  Then later I”ll pull some frozen ground turkey out of the freezer and make healthy tacos or taco salad depending on my mood.  You know me – I always have the fixings for tacos on hand!

I’m excited that all of my efforts to figure out who I am and what I like to do in my free time now that I’m solo is paying off!  Of course I’ll have to keep an eye on the waistline and budget if so much of my social life continues to revolve around food/drinks…but I do live in one of the greatest food cities in the world after all! That being said, if you need a bit more variety and inspiration for the week’s meals please visit my menu archives and recipes to find others to round out your week. Have a great week…and of course, Go Bruins Go!!