Sunday: Summer Minestrone Soup
Monday: Salmon Panzanella
Tuesday: Leftovers: Salmon Panzanella
Leftovers: Minestrone
Thursday: Dinner with Friends in Town
Friday: Lake Tahoe Wedding Weekend!
Saturday: Lake Tahoe Wedding Weekend!

I’m back from my trip and Summer is in full swing….which means another short fun trip this upcoming weekend. I love that about Summer, every time you turn around there’s something fun going on.  This upcoming weekend it’s the wedding of someone Christian went to high school with, so all of his friends from high school (who he is still pretty close with and I’ve known for 14 years) are flying in and we’re all heading up to Lake Tahoe to rent a house and have some fun.  Lake Tahoe is one of my all-time favorite places in the world, so having good friends there, a hot-tub to soak in and a great wedding to go to is going to make for an epic weekend…love Summer!

Ok, back to the food…we’re dishing up two of our Summer favorites this week.  Summer Minestrone Soup, chock full of zucchini and squash and basil…I know most people don’t think of soup for the summer but this is a great, light dish. Our other Summer stand-by is Salmon Panzanella, which I’ve been making for years. So healthy, easy and delicious it never disappoints.  Great for a quiet dinner in with a glass of white wine or perfect for a summer party since it scales up easily. Happy first week of Summer everyone!