Sunday: Taco Night!
Monday: Leftovers: Kasbah Soup (6/8/14 Menu)
Tuesday: Giants Game!
Wednesday: Leftovers: Tacos
Thursday: Leftovers Kasbah Soup before Drinks
Friday: Dinner Date
Saturday: Board Retreat

So technically I’m home at night a bit more this week which I’m looking forward to.  But I”m keeping it pretty simple anyway to ensure I don’t set myself up to fail in case things get busier as they tend to do.  I can’t tell you how much I”m looking forward to Taco Night tonight…it’s honestly one of my all-time favorite dinners.  So simple…ground turkey, lots of homemade hot taco seasoning mixed in, shredded cabbage, avocado, melty mexican cheese and a mix of salsa and hot sauce.  Corn tortillas grilled with blistery black marks of course!  Side of spicy sauteed brussel sprouts and re-fried beans and you have a happy SavoryGirl!  Then those will serve as leftovers this week (and next week…I’ll freeze some of the meat).  I’ll also be pulling leftovers out of the freezer from my June 8th menu to enjoy some more of that delicious “Take-Me-To-The Kasbah” Chicken & Couscous Soup to round out my week.  Yes, I know yesterday was the first day of summer…but remember, this is San Francisco.  Our summer starts in September so it’s been a bit cool and foggy!

As always, if you need a few more recipes  visit my menu archives and recipes to find other meals to round out your week. Happy cooking…