Sunday: White Bean & Kale Soup
Monday: Salmon with Snap Peas, Yellow Peppers & Dill-Pistachio Pistou
Tuesday: Leftovers: Soup
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken “Parmigana” over rapini & tomatoes
Thursday: Spicy Thai Tofu with Red Bell Peppers & Peanuts
Friday: Leftovers: Grilled Chicken Tacos w/ Jalepeno Black Beans
Saturday: Eat Out

So, Christian has decided to fully commit himself to training for an Olympic distance triathlon…he’s been considering it for a while, but this week he’s decided it’s go-time! He’s done one sprint distance triathlon in the past with great results (especially considering he didn’t really train for the swimming or running!) and I’m sure he’ll kill this one too. Very exciting!

So what does that mean for the weekly dinner menus? While I certainly think they’ve always been pretty healthy and balanced they’ll have to get even healthier! Not sure exactly how yet or what that means but we’ll learn as Christian gets deeper into his training…so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, enjoy my attempt at a lighter menu this week.