Sunday: Superbowl DIY Pizza Party!
Monday: Sauteéd White Fish with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts
Tuesday: Leftovers: Fish Tacos with Spicy Brussels Sprouts
Wednesday:    Pork Phanang Curry (see below) and Brown Rice
Thursday: Spinach & Mushroom Omelets with Honey Toast
Friday: Leftovers: Pork Phanang Curry
Saturday: Eat Out

Let’s be honest…we’re not very excited about the Superbowl this year since our Pats aren’t in it, but the Superbowl only comes once a year so we have to have at least a little bit of a foodie celebration. So what are we doing this year? We’re making homemade and personally customizable pizzas. Now if my team was in it, I probably wouldn’t do something that takes me away from the TV for this long, but as long as you prepare all of the toppings and make the dough in advance everyone should really be able to make their pizzas and get them out of the oven during half-time with no issue. Full details are in the post linked in the menu above. Remember to get creative with the toppings you offer…and seriously, hand crushed canned San Marzano tomatoes make the best sauce ever!

We’ll then start the week off with one of our simple, healthy staples. Sauteéd white fish and roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. Season the fish well with your spices of choice and just make sure your sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts are cut into similar sizes, seasoned well with olive oil, salt & pepper and roasted in a hot oven for about 25 minutes. Easy breezy.

The pork phanang curry sounds fancy, but honestly we’ve had a little jar of phanang curry paste in our cupboard forever so we’re just going to use that mixed with some coconut milk for the sauce. Thrown in some sauteéd pork strips, some eggplant, yellow peppers and whatever else is looking good at your farmers market that weekend and you have yourself an easy and delicious weeknight meal. We’ll finish off the week with omelets and our old college favorite of wheat toast slathered in butter and honey.  Happy cooking everyone!