Sunday: Crab Season at Home!
Monday: Tortellini Soup
Tuesday: Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday: LEFTOVERS: Tortelini Soup
Thursday: Eat Out before the Nutcracker
Friday: LEFTOVERS: Chicken & Dumplings
Saturday: Christmas Eve Fondue!

The sugar haze from Saturday’s cookie party now over, it’s time to forge ahead into the week before Christmas, and boy do I have some treats for you!  It is Crab Season here in San Francisco so we’re going to go buy a few live crabs down in Chinatown and cook them up here at home.  We’ll probably keep it simple and serve with a lemon garlic butter, crusty french bread and a nice big salad of some sort.  Monday and Tuesday we’re keeping the feeling of home alive at the holidays with two old family recipes that I grew up eating…who doesn’t need a bit of comfort food this time of year?  Especially when you’re 3000 miles away from family!

The end of the week starts to pick back up with lots of holiday cheer.  We’re going to the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker on Thursday so we’ll likely have a quick dinner out beforehand.  Then on Saturday, we have another one of our holiday traditions…Fondue on Christmas Eve, often accompanied by Lambrusco and good old-fashioned board games.  When we do Fondue we do all 3 courses…cheese, meat/seafood and chocolate.  A bit indulgent, but oh so fun with the T.V. fire crackling and the tree lit behind us.  Whatever your tradition may be, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve surrounded by loved ones and holiday cheer!