Sunday: Pumpkin Agnolotti
Monday: Leftovers: Chili from the Freezer with cornbread
Tuesday: Leftovers: Pumpkin Agnolotti
Wednesday: Citrus Tofu with Onions & Peppers with Brown Rice
Thursday: Christian’s Youth Justice Institute Holiday Party
Friday: Suz’s Hopalong Holiday Party!
Saturday: Leftovers: Citrus Tofu with Flour Tortillas & Black Beans

This is a bit of a busy week for us with Christian just returning back from L.A. and both of our non-profits having holiday parties, so there’s not a whole lot of cooking going on. The meals that we are cooking, however, are brand new recipes. The first is Pumpkin Agnolotti…sounds fancy, but since it uses canned pumpkin and wonton wrappers it actually looks pretty darn easy.

The second new recipe we’re trying out is Citrus Tofu with Onions & Peppers. Trying to keep it healthy when we’re not indulging at all of these holiday parties!  We’ll turn the leftovers from this into burritos and serve alongside black beans to mix things up a bit later in the week. The rest of our week is filled with leftovers and holiday parties for Christian’s work and for the non-profit where I am a board member. Should be a fun, busy week…hope yours is too!