Sunday: Pork Tenderloin with Plum Chutney and Corn Pudding with Mushrooms
Monday: Pan Seared Salmon with Pumpkin Seed Cilantro Pesto and grilled squash
Tuesday: Juan’s Family Quinoa Soup
Wednesday: Leftovers: Quinoa Soup
Thursday: Pasta Salad with Melon, Pancetta & Ricotta Salata
Friday: Eat Out for our 7 Year Anniversary at State Bird Provisions!
Saturday: Leftovers: Pasta

If you’ve been paying attention to my menus lately you’ve probably noticed that my cooking and recipe experimentation has been lacking a bit.  There’s been a lot of travel, visitors, busy weekends…hey, it’s summer!  Finally, things feel like they have died down a bit, at least for the next few weeks, so I’m being ambitions this week and planning 5 new recipes.  None of them seem too difficult but they all sound delicious so I have a feeling there’s going to be some good eating this week!

The one thing I will call-out is that I am planning to alter the original recipes for Sunday.  The Pork Tenderloin calls for it to be wrapped in pancetta and while I’m confident that would make the meat extra juicy and delicious it feels a bit excessive in terms of calories for a normal Sunday night.  The corn pudding recipe also calls for ham to be added but since we’re already having pork as the main dish I’ll omit the ham and just keep it as a veggie side dish (albeit not the healthiest one since there is some cream and butter involved). Otherwise I’m sticking to the recipes as they appear in the links above.

This upcoming Sunday is my 7 year wedding anniversary with Christian (although we’ve been together for 13 years now…crazy!) so we’re having a special night out on Friday.  If you live in the Bay Area and are even remotely into food you’ve most likely heard of State Bird Provisions…it’s a new-ish spot that is known for it’s unique approach to American cuisine.  You can order Chef Brioza’s delicious creations by either ordering from a small à la carte menu or a dim-sum style cart.  The latter leading to a a fun, vibrant atmosphere.  The word on the street is that this is where all of the local chefs go to eat on their night off…so needless to say we’ve been wanting to try it out for a while and are super excited to celebrate our amazing relationship by doing so!  I’ll report back after the meal…stay tuned.