Sunday: Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons & Parsley Brown Butter
Monday: Eating Out – Work Event
Tuesday: Leftovers: Gnocchi
Wednesday: Shakshuka
Thursday: Christian’s Posole Soup
Friday: Leftovers: Christian’s Posole
Saturday: Leftovers: Shakshuka

So, we haven’t been doing great at following our own menus lately.  Work events come up, friends pop into town, etc… which means abandoning our menus to either eat out or order in.  It happens to the best of us at times! That means that there have been a few items on menus from last month that we never actually got around to making, but still have the ingredients in the house.  Namely the Shakshuka and Christian’s Posole soup.  So we’re going to give those a round 2 this week and hopefully they get made since they’re both so yummy.  The one other meal on Sunday is something we made for the first time last year.  At that time I made homemade gnocchi which are super fun and relatively easy but if this week starts out as hectic as the past few have been I may just end up buying fresh gnocchi at our Farmer’s Market instead.  This really is a perfect dish to use up all of that summer zucchini that is so plentiful this time of  year.