Sunday: Suz in Baltimore for work: Christian’s Posole
Monday: Suz in Baltimore: Grilled Fish, Roasted Rapini & Tomatoes & Barley (DIY)
Tuesday: Suz in Baltimore:: Turkey & Veggie Pasta (DIY)
Wednesday: Leftovers: Posole
Thursday: Leftovers: Turkey & Veggie Pasta
Friday: Friends in town: Dinner Out
Saturday: Friends in town: Forage SF Wild Kitchen with Friends in Town

As promised, my menus aren’t going to be super helpful this week and next week due to a hectic schedule between work travel and friends in town.  That being said, Christian is still cooking for himself while I’m out of town so I thought I’d share what he’s planning.  As most of us know, cooking for one isn’t nearly as much fun as cooking for two or more.  Why?  Well because if you cook for one, odds are your stuck with all of the cleaning too.  Wah, wah.

But Christian’s fabulous posole is a one-pot wonder.  I’m jealous he’s making it when I’m not around. Honestly better than most I’ve had in restaurants and super easy.  The rest of the week is DIY and pretty healthy with a Tuesday throw-back to our college days.  Ground turkey, veggies and pasta used to be our go to dish…and we thought it was oh so gourmet back then!

This weekend we have good friends visiting from our time in Arizona.  Brooke and I went to grad school together and her husband Bob is a good friend of both of ours.  We haven’t seen them in over a year so we’re looking forward to some quality time.  They get here Friday so we’ll either do an easy dinner in at our place or go out to eat somwhere nearby.  Brooke loves local, seasonal food (which is a bit harder, but not impossible in Arizona) so we thought their visit would be a great opportunity to check out one of the Forage SF Wild Kitchen dinners.  We’ve always wanted to go and with asparagus and morels in season we couldn’t have asked for a better menu!  So that will be a fun, new experience that I’m sure I’ll blog about in the future…stay tuned.