Sunday: Asian Inspired Pot Roast with Creamy Grits & Spicy Bok Choy
Monday: Leftovers: Tacos from last week
Tuesday: Leftovers: DIY Pizza from Saturday
Wednesday: Leftovers: Pot Roast
Thursday: Ginger Pear Pumpkin Soup with side salad & bread
Friday: Christian’s brother Kyle is in town! Eat Out
Saturday: Leftovers: Soup

This week’s menu is very leftovers heavy…not on purpose really more because our meals last week stretched further than we thought they would.  Made our grocery shopping bill very affordable this week!  If you followed along last week, I hope your Tacos and Pizza came out as delicious as ours did.  If yours weren’t a home run in your house (it happens to all of us!), just try to get creative and turn your leftovers into something new. The taco meat could turn into a layered enchilada casserole for example.

If you didn’t try the DIY pizza night that I recommended in last week’s menu I encourage you to do so soon.  We’ve been trying to make homemade pizza for quite a while and this dough recipe and minimalistic approach to toppings made our most successful DIY pizzas yet!  The dough requires no kneading, is super easy and comes out great even without a pizza stone or fancy tools/ovens. Blistered, crispy crust at home, really! Christian even said these could replace going out to eat fancy artisan pizzas at restaurants for him. High praise from a pizza lover in a city with great artisan pizza everywhere you turn (Tony’s, A16, Una Pizza Napoletana, Pizzeria Delfina, Delarosa, just to name a few of our faves!).  I’ll be writing a post about our successful pizza night soon…stay tuned.

Sunday’s dinner is a new twist on an old classic and a SavoryGirl original.  There’s a bit of a backstory that goes along with it, which you can read at the recipe post, here. I’ll be serving it with creamy grits (I figured it’s kind of like the porridge, Juk, that is so common in places like Cambodia and Burma) and baby bok choy that I’ll sauté with a bit of sesame oil and red pepper flakes.

Thursday is also a new dish…this one is from our Slow Cooker Cookbook that we love so much, so I’m confident it will be yummy. It’s a bit more of a fall recipe but the lure of only 10 ingredients and minimal prep was too good to put off for 6 months.  Easy, breezy.  Salad will likely be my standard spinach with roasted red peppers, thinly sliced red onion and a sprinkle of walnuts dressed in lemon olive oil and good balsamic.

Fair warning…the next few weeks are a bit hectic for us with work travel and visitors so the upcoming menus will be pretty basic and/or have a bit more eating out included.  The good news is that there’s over a year of archived menus (Spring only menus & recipes here) for you to choose from if you want to swap things around. Happy eating!