Sunday: Butternut Squash & Chickpea Farrotto
Monday: Halibut in Dashi with Vegetables
Tuesday: Leftovers: Farrotto
Wednesday: Rosemary Red Wine Chicken with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Wild Rice
Thursday: Gastronomy at the the Exploratorium after Dark
Friday: Leftovers: Rosemary Red Wine Chicken Pasta
Saturday: Veggie Omelets & Honey Toast (DIY)

Oh, Sunday is going to be a good day…as long as Christian doesn’t play any crazy April Fool’s jokes on me!  This Heirloom Squash Farrotto is one of our favorite recent finds. Whatever you do, don’t skip the Cumin Yogurt sauce on top…it’s one of the best parts of this dish.  So comforting, well spiced and yummy!  Our seafood dinner this week is the fish we were supposed to make last week but our curried chickpea stew made enough for 3 nights worth of dinner so we pushed it off to this week.  For Wednesday, we have a 1/2 botttle of red wine that we didn’t love sitting in our fridge so we’re going back into the archives to make a red wine marinated chicken dish I remember being pretty darn good. 

Thursday will be a fun night out for us.  The Exploratorium here in San Francisco has Thursday night adult-only after dark exhibits and this week’s is one titled Gastronomy, which of course piqued my interest!  While they will have a cash bar, I don’t think we’ll actually get fed there so we’ll likely just grab something quick on our walk there or back…maybe tacos at Tacolicious or a Wasabi Bowl at Pacific Catch.  Quick and easy.  Then we’re just keeping it simple for the weekend with leftovers and omelets.

Happy April everyone…have a delicious week!