Sunday: Camping at Lake Tahoe: Grilled Salmon with Corn & Black Bean Salad
Monday: Returning from Lake Tahoe – easy take out
Tuesday: Chinese Steamed Fish with Baby Bok Choy and Brown Rice
Wednesday:  Summer Minestrone Soup with Rustic Bread
Thursday: Leftovers: Minestrone Soup
Friday: Eat Out for Suz’s Birthday!
Saturday: Seasonal Veggie Frittata with Sweet Potato Home-fries

Since we’re just returning from our fabulous long weekend camping in Lake Tahoe this will be a pretty easy cooking week as we get back into the routine of real life. Both the Chinese Steamed Fish and Summer Minestrone Soup are dishes we’ve been cooking for years.  They’re quick, easy, healthy and delicious. After my birthday celebration, we’ll finish the week off with a DIY dish we’ve been making since college…some things you just never grow out of and sweet potato home-fries is definitely one of those things!

My birthday is this weekend so we’re planning a fun night out…checking out a relatively new restaurant called Heaven’s Dog.  It’s Charles Phan’s (owner & chef at the Slanted Door, which we love!) new place in Soma with Chinese cooking and pre-prohibition era cocktails so we’re pretty excited to check it out.  Then we’re going to Local Edition for a couple of drinks.  This is the newest bar from the fabulous Bourbon & Branch crew so I’m sure it will be fantastic. Then I think we’re going to meet some friends out to go dancing since I love dancing but we never do it…fun night out.  Happy Birthday to me!