Welcome, to my first ever SavoryGirl video!  The content is fun and I think you’ll enjoy it…a quick tour through some of the exotic Cambodian fruit.  Milk fruit was my favorite, but there really wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.  The others featured are Jackfruit, longans, rambutans and sapodilla.

Link to the video is here…you can also see other SavoryGirl videos on my videos tab.

So while I definitely think the content is fun, the videography and energy may not be quite perfect, but hey it was my first try!  I am certainly not a professional at this (yet anyway!) and Christian is not a professional videographer, just a super kind and supportive hubby…but we did the best we could!  So I’ve gone with a bit of the cheesy imovie effects this first time around…help jazz it up a bit. I also had originally planned on including some of the video I shot at the markets getting the fruit and talking to the locals, but because I’m always worried about intruding and making people uncomfortable that footage ended up a bit underwhelming.  I guess I’ll have to work on not caring what people think and just going for it in public!

So if there are any videographers/on-camera personalities out there that have some advice, I’m all ears!  Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to check it out!