One of my favorite things about traveling is exploring the food markets of the region and discovering new fruits and vegetables. It’s nice to know that in our U.S. land of plenty, where we import just about anything, there are still foods that you can only find locally. Now I’m not saying you can’t find sweet passion fruit anywhere in the U.S., but it’s not super prevalent. Even when we do import exotic fruits they always taste so much better when you eat them where they are native, fresh and in season. I guess that means I’ll just need to keep traveling!

At the San Pedro Market in Cusco, Peru the produce was plentiful…rows and rows of brightly colored fruits, vegetables and herbs tempting you with every step. One of the fruits we decided to try out was the sweet passion fruit…I was sure I had eaten one before, but as soon as the local stall vendor began showing us how to eat it I knew I was wrong.

To eat a sweet passion fruit you simply push your fingernail through the outer skin and gently pull the oval fruit open, exposing a greyish jelly-like flesh filled with little seeds. At first glance it looks a bit gross and maybe even a little intimidating…but trust me on this get in there and suck down those seeds, it’s delicious! Don’t chew the seeds, simply slurp a bunch off with your mouth and swallow them down whole. Kind of like the oyster of the fruit-world! You may think that because you’re just swallowing it down you don’t taste much but it is so juicy, sweet and refreshing. Just the kind of fresh, healthy snack you’re looking for on a hot day exploring a new city!


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