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I’ve been struggling a bit with SavoryGirl these days…the passion and excitement that led me to start it 16 months ago has seemed to dissipate some making updating it feel more like a chore than an engaging form of self-expression.  The menu posts are easy since I do that for our family anyway, but the quantity (and probably quality) of the other posts have decreased some of late.  So I’ve come up with a new segment that I think will reinvigorate SavoryGirl that I’m excited to share.

The new segment is called Postcards and it’s intended to bring more of my passion for travel to the site.  Since I have so many amazing experiences and photos every time I travel, why limit myself to writing only one summary blog post about the entire trip? Postcards will allow me to go back in time, pick out a photo from a trip that inspires me and tell you a bit about that particular photo or experience.  Sometimes these will be food related, but certainly not always.

I’m excited about trying this out since travel and photography are two passions of mine that currently aren’t getting a lot of air time on SavoryGirl.  I hope this new concept sounds interesting to you as well.  The weekly menus will of course continue to be a prominent part of the site, as will posts on recipes and restaurants that I really love, but travel is one of the primary ways that I savor life so I’m thrilled to bring that element forward.  I’ll be posting my first one this week…let me know what you think!