Austin, Texas…boy have we heard great things about this place!  But until now, we haven’t had a chance to get there so we were super excited when we found out that our good friend Michelle was getting married there.  So excited that we decided to take a normal quick wedding trip and turn it into a 5 day trip so we really have time to explore.  As usual, I’ve tapped into my fellow T-Bird network and done my usual research to create the itinerary below.  Not surprisingly, there’s a big focus on BBQ and music which sounds like a fun vacation to us!

We’re leaving on Friday 9/23 so if you think we’re missing something big from our trip leave a comment and let us know!  As always, our itineraries are meant as starting guides, but totally flexible in nature so we can swap things around and abandon others completely once we land and start talking to locals…

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Day One (Friday):

  • Arrive in Austin around 1:30
  • Late lunch at Stubbs BBQ
  • Michelle’s Bachelorette Party from 7-9
  • Meet up with the guys in 6th Street (we’ll rely on friends to steer us in the right direction)

Day Two (Saturday):

  • Ruby’s BBQ for an early lunch
  • Amy’s Ice Cream
  • Boat Cruise, swimming & drinks on Lake Travis with everyone in town for the wedding!
  • Early night since we’ll have been day drinking, maybe a bite on 6h Street before relaxing at the hotel

Day Three (Sunday):

Day Four (Monday):

Day Five:

  • Walk around UT campus
  • Juan in a Million for a late breakfast – highly recommended by friends and apparently on Man vs. Food for the Breakfast Taco Challenge
  • Airport by 1:00

So get out there and start your gourmet globe trotting in Austin…great BBQ, music, people and fun to be had. All while doing your best to Keep Austin Weird, of course!


Update: Check out the photos from our trip here!