I’m sick of crying like a baby every time I chop onions, aren’t you?  I mean, I have tried every trick in the book.  Partially freezing the onion first, keeping the root intact, holding a piece of bread in my mouth to absorb the gas that the onion’s now broken cells are emitting, etc…  And to be perfectly honest, I am an efficient and effective onion chopper so I do it pretty quickly too!  But despite my knife skills I am extremely sensitive to the gas that onions emit so I am crying like a baby within a few cuts….like mascara running down my face crying.  And that just sets me up to chop a finger off since I can’t see what I’m doing despite my good knife skills!

So I say, enough is enough!  And poor Christian shouldn’t have to be the designated onion chopper in our family all the time. So despite how ridiculous it makes me look, I have been chopping onions happily for the past month wearing my swimming goggles.  Ridiculous? A bit.  Effective and time-saving?  Absolutely.