The more I blog & talk about SavoryGirl the more I hear people assuming that I must have an amazing kitchen to do as much cooking and entertaining as I do.  Ha ha, I wish!  The reality is that I live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in San Francisco with a tiny and not very cooking friendly kitchen so I thought I would show you around my kitchen and provide some thoughts on how to make fabulously healthy & gourmet meals regardless of the kitchen you have.  Really,  if a small kitchen is set up properly it can be your best friend and you can stop cursing it’s compact size…lots of famous chef’s got their start in very difficult tiny kitchens after all!  The high-level points on the video are below, but it’s short and sweet so click above to watch. 

  • Keep commonly used tools & ingredients as close to the stove/your workspace as possible
  • Keep your counters clear of clutter and set them up so your always ready to cook
  • Find a way to use any & all space productively, no matter how small and useless it may seem
  • Clean as you go


If you have any tips & tricks related to this topic, please share!