Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  In honor of this fun, yet often American abused holiday I thought I’d stay away from the bars and instead share a collection of some of my past favorite Mexican recipe posts. If you’ve been following SavoryGirl at all you likely know by now that I think I may have been Mexican in my past life.  It’s hard to go two weeks without one of my weekly dinner menus including something Mexican inspired and it’s almost guaranteed that I am making some version of Huevos Rancheros for breakfast on the weekends.  So let’s take a spin through SavoryGirl’s Mexican past creations…

First up is my all-time most popular post…Eva Longoria’s Chicken Tortilla Soup.  It’s a little hard for me to swallow that a once in a blue moon recipe that I ripped out of a People Magazine while traveling has been the most popular post on my blog for the past 2  years, but I can indeed stand behind the recipe.  This soup is better than most that I have in great Mexican restaurants.

In the spirit of soup, there are two other Mexican soups that we just love in our household.  The first is one that we have been making since we were poor college students and I think it’s the first recipe that ever became Christian’s own…Christian’s Posole Soup.  The original recipe years ago was from a Bobby Flay television show but Christian has adapted and perfected it over the years.

The final soup is one that we found more recently, Chicken Corn Soup with Chile Mint Salsa.  It’s a light, fresh spin on Chicken Tortilla soup and the salsa is to die for. So spicy and good!

Next up, Tacos!  We put almost anything in a corn tortilla in the SavoryGirl household…we may not always have bread but you will never find a time when we are out of corn tortillas.  For any taco that you make the trick is to blister the corn tortilla right on the flame of your gas stove (assuming you have one!).  Just lay a tortilla on each of the four burners, turn it on to medium and flip after about 30 seconds or whenever it starts to get a little blackened.  Get the other side blackened to your liking, fold in the shape of a tortilla shell and fill with whatever your heard desires.  Ground turkey cooked in some homemade taco seasoning, Shrimp with a Mango Black Bean Salsa, (shown above) Fish with Refried beans and Avocado, Cheesy Scrambled Eggs topped with Salsa.  You really can’t go wrong here!

Last, but certainly not least is breakfast…my favorite meal of the day! As I mentioned, Huevos Rancheros is one of my go-to weekend breakfasts.  Sounds complicated but it is super easy as long as you have good quality, low fat refried beans on hand.  I’ve made many variations over the years and it really depends on what yummy things I have in my fridge.  Sometimes I include spinach, other times sauteed mushrooms and onions, and sometimes, like shown above, I skip the beans all together and mash up some avocado, lemon zest and Greek yogurt (or cream cheese). A recent fun spin that I made on this dish was to turn the traditional breakfast into Huevos Rancheros Cups…little individual sized cups which lets the outer tortilla shell get nice and crispy.  These are awesome for a Brunch party.  Oh, and don’t forget, breakfast is always fabulous for dinner.

So there you have it…plenty of delicious Mexican dishes for you to choose from to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your household.  If you’re looking for more my favorite Mexican chef is Rick Bayless so anything you find from him should be spot on…his homemade green chile chorizo thrown into taco shells with soft sauteed onions and cheese are to die for and his new brand of store-bought salsa, Frontera, is the best on the market.  ¡Buen Provecho!