This is a really fun post for me…why? Well because this honestly might be the very first SavoryGirl original recipe that I ever created! I was about 6 years old and home with my dad and best friend, Aimee, while my mom was out grocery shopping. We were hungry and after surveying the ingredients that were available in the cupboards I created this sandwich…which I promptly named “The Button Sandwich” because of the way the perfectly lined up marshmallows reminded me of buttons. I have to say 25+ years later and it’s still a winner in my household, and we don’t even have kids yet!

So what makes it so special? Well honestly it’s the simplicity but complementary nature of the ingredients. Who doesn’t love apples with peanut butter? Who doesn’t love a fluffer-nutter sandwich? Well this beauty combines the best of both worlds! Creamy peanut butter (on both slices of bread please!), applesauce and marshmallows…delicious.

While I only put the applesauce on one side of the bread you could put it on both sides on top of the peanut butter, but if you choose to keep it to one side like I do add more than you think you should. This sandwich is best when the applesauce is oozing out with each bite…and having enough of it is critical to break up the otherwise super-sticky consistency. You can also make a more grown-up version of this sandwich and substitute the marshmallows with slices of banana, but in my opinion (but remember I’m an East Coaster, so Fluff was an integral part of my diet)the original is best!

So for those of you with kids (or those like me who are kids at heart!) give this a try for the next lunch you’re trying to keep simple and let me know what you think. Will SavoryGirl’s button sandwich become a staple in your household too?