I decided to make Irish Soda Bread a few years ago to be a bit traditional and celebrate St. Paddy’s Day…but to be honest I wasn’t really expecting much.  I’ve never had Soda Bread and based on the mixture of Caraway Seeds and Raisins in the recipe I was going to try out, it sounded kind of weird.  Especially for dipping in my Irish Lamb Stew.  But as they say, you never know if you’ll like something until you try it and boy am I glad I did!

I LOVE this bread and it’s now become my go-to recipe that I make pretty much every year. Since I’ve never had Soda Bread before, I have no idea if this recipe is truly traditional but to be honest I don’t care because it’s delicious and unique and I can’t stop eating it.  It worked extremely well for dipping in our lamb stew…and the next morning toasted with a little butter and honey on top…Good Lord that’s delicious!  

The recipe I used is from the Taste of Home website…you can find it here.  It’s a super easy recipe and I like that it uses a springform pan…that’s one of those kitchen items that I don’t pull out often enough and since it makes for easy clean up I always like when I find new uses for it.  When it comes out of the oven, let it rest in the pan for about 10 minutes on a cooling rack before you pull the sides off.  Then slice it up while it’s warm and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

I’ll definitely be making this again…and not waiting for St. Patrick’s Day to do it!