So it happens sometimes…you spend the time and energy trying a new recipe and you just don’t love it.  Oh well.  It’s not that this recipe was bad….there just wasn’t anything super compelling about it and to be honest I kind of felt like I was eating a vegetarian Gyro without the onions, tomato & pita (which I kind of missed….so maybe fold these stacks up and throw them in a pita!).

The eggplant cooked up nicely though and made delicious quesadillas for my leftover day (combined with sauteed mushrooms, onions and canned artichoke hearts).  The minted yogurt was a nice twist on Tzatziki but would fare better as a sauce than a substantial filling.

Better luck with our next vegetarian meal!



Go ahead…try it, you might love it!

We’re always looking for new vegetarian recipes (and I’m also obsessed with Greek Yogurt these days) so as I was flipping through some of my old Bon Appétit magazines I came across this one in the May 2010 magazine for Grilled Eggplant & Minted Yogurt Stacks that looked pretty yummy.


**Make sure to grill up some extra eggplant when your making this for the leftovers day later this week where we’re making eggplant, onion & mushroom quesadillas.  If you feel like it you can saute up the onions and mushrooms today too so the leftovers day is even easier.