The weather has been so incredible in San Francisco lately that we’ve decided to do something simple yet indulgent for our Sunday dinner this week.

Simple in terms of the fact that it is all store-bought.  Indulgent in terms of it being leisurely, fun and involving a bottle of Champagne while watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Lovely.

So here’s what you do.  Go to your favorite grocery store and buy some nice looking marinated skewers from the butcher along with a fresh and simple pasta salad from the deli counter (no mayo please!).  Head down to your local park with a grill in hand (or if they have grills at the park even better!), bring some bubbly and set to work.  Lighting the fire, cooking the food and essentially having a mini-camping experience without the hassle of sleeping outdoors (although I truly do love camping so I shouldn’t bad-mouth it!).

Enjoy the quiet, time to chat with your partner or friend who your dining with and really reflect on the week behind, week ahead and what is good in life.  What a fabulous way to end the weekend.  Enjoy!