So Osso Bucco seems like something that shouldn’t be on a regular recipe rotation, but ever since I first made this recipe two New Years Eve’s ago I’m looking for every excuse I can to make it again!  And Giada’s Cheesy Polenta, while certainly not healthy, is absolutely to die for! This Sunday I’m using the excuse of welcoming Christian’s mom here after she flies in from Massachusetts to make this indulgent dish again.

Giada’s Osso Bucco – I add ~2 minced garlic cloves and a bit of salt and pepper to the parley and lemon rind mixture at the end of the recipe to make gremolata to sprinkle over the top

Giada’s Cheesy Polenta

Due to the veal shanks this can be a pretty expensive meal (and depending on where you live you may have to ask your butcher to special order them in advance), so I suggest you make an occasion out of it and invite some friends over and impress them with your kitchen prowess (because while impressive, this is actually pretty darn easy to make).  Of course you can also substitute the veal shanks for beef shanks if you prefer… Either way, don’t forget to scoop out the yummy bone marrow when you finish off the meat!

This polenta recipe is a complete indulgence…lots of butter and cheese (you almost think it’s a Paula Deen Recipe!) but it is oh so good and when you’re making Osso Bucco you really should only have the best along with it.  The recipe makes a lot though, so be prepared for lots of leftovers (which you can slice up once it hardens and pan fry up and then cover with pasta sauce, mushrooms and onions for a delicious DIY night meal or lunch!) or cut the recipe in half.