The swiss chard was looking absolutely beautiful at the Marina Farmer’s Market this past weekend so I got a little carried away and stocked up.  Hence the need to Google myself a new Swiss Chard recipe to use it up (have you seen Google’s new Recipe Finder tab on the left…it’s quite fun and helpful!) before it wilted away.  I found this recipe on, and it’s a keeper!

One of the reasons it’s a keeper is because we love Red Lentils in my house, so any opportunity to use those little babies, and I’m in.  It’s also super easy, uses minimal ingredients, and is really flavorful.  The plain yogurt (which as you know I always have on hand since I’m obsessed with using Greek yogurt in just about everything) really kicks it up a notch and makes it nice and creamy as well.

If you’re like me, you won’t like the idea of throwing the yummy Swiss Chard stems out, so you can certainly finely slice them and sauté them up with the onions and add it right into the stew.  It’s a really rich and filling stew, even without the stems included….so you might be able to nix the garbanzo beans if you do include them.  I also added a bit more cayenne pepper than it called for…but we like things spicy.  Crusty bread or toasted pita alongside and you have yourself a yummy meal!