This is another DIY night so feel free to wing it and do whatever you would like with eggs tonight…some of our favorites are below:

Huevos Rancheros – I make this a lot for breakfast and dinner (I think I may have been Mexican in my past life!).  I toast up some corn tortillas, crack open a can of fat-free refried beans (spicy ones if you can find them) and spread it on top after heating it up a bit, and then sautee up whatever yummy veggies I’m in the mood for (some of my favorites are spinach, arugula, onions and/or mushrooms) to put on top of the beans, put an over-easy egg on top of each one, add on a bit of cheese and hot sauce or salsa.  Delicious!

Omelets – Beat 3 eggs together with a bit of milk, salt, pepper and herbs.  Pour into a hot non-stick pan and gently shake and tip the pan pulling the edges up a bit to let excess liquid run beneath and cook evenly.  Once it starts to look a bit solid sprinkle some cheese (pepper jack is my favorite) down the middle, top with whatever sauteed veggies (and/or meat) down the middle as well topped with a bit more cheese.  Gently fold each side over the middle (like a tri-fold brochure) gently holding it together with your spatula until it the cheese starts to melt a bit to hold it all together.  Cook for 2-3 minutes and then slide on to a plate.  Top with herbs or salsa and serve with a bit of toast on the side (we like honey toast…toast with butter and honey on top)

Poached Eggs – We put poached eggs on top of almost anything we have lying around the house.  Polenta, lentils, squash, you name it we throw poached eggs on it!  Yum.  If you haven’t poached an egg before, be patient as you learn… it can be a bit frustrating in the beginning.  This is a good poached egg resource.