When we first moved to the Marina almost two years ago we were pretty happy with our decision after 3+ years of noise & shenanigans in the TrendyLoin, TenderNob or whatever you wanted to call our old ‘hood. However, there were two things we really missed…diversity (of both cuisines and people) and the fabulous Heart of the City Farmer’s Market in the Civic Center that we used to walk to each Sunday.

For our first 6 months in the Marina we were shocked to find that there was no Farmer’s Market at all within walking distance (with all of us yuppies? what gives?!) but then last summer the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market opened up on Sundays from 9:30-1:30 for the summer only. Lucky for us it was such a success that they decided to keep it open year round and it is still going strong 1 year later.

Now those of you who live in San Francisco know that we have a lot of Farmer’s Markets, and I plan to do a run-down of all of them soon.  But how would I describe the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market?  Honestly, in my opinion it’s like a mini Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.  There is organic and high quality produce, cheese, seafood & meat mixed with a good array of artisan food producers and delicious ready to eat food (Happy Dumpling, Chac Mool & Roli Roti to name a few) at every turn.  So when you put this all together with beautiful views of the bay and GG Bridge nearby it makes for an overall fun, but relatively high priced experience .  A la Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in my opinion…which for your reference I tend to avoid unless I have visitors in town.

Despite thinking the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market is too expensive, I actually go to it almost every weekend and try to buy all of my produce & eggs there…but mostly because it’s within walking distance of my house.  For my money I would actually rather go to my old Civic Center Market or even the Fillmore one…but there certainly is more of a fun and upscale feel to the Fort Mason one which makes it a pleasant Sunday morning with lots of yummy treats around every corner.  Add in a cup of high-quality made-to-order coffee, great people watching and the Reader’s Cafe where you can grab your next great read while supporting your local library and half your Sunday will slip before your eyes before you get out!  I love spending the morning here, great vibe and fantastic produce and food, my only complaint, as I’ve said, is that it is a little expensive…I typically spend about $30-$40 for 80% of my week’s worth of produce/eggs there.


Next time you’re in the area, swing by and come check it out even if it’s just for a snack.  The location can’t be beat and it’s some of the highest quality produce around.  Perfect to make those visitors from out of town jealous without the insane crowds of the Ferry Building!