Street food is one of our absolute favorite things about traveling abroad.  It’s the fabric of a culture…what ties communities and generations together while allowing locals to make a living and share their authentic food with those who come to visit.  Eating street food is like drinking locally grown wine…it allows you to taste and get a sense of place.  Terroir, if you will.

The relatively recent swell of food trucks in our own country brings this glorious tradition to our own backyard…but even a die-hard foodie like me found it hard to keep up with all of the different trucks and be where they happened to be just at the right time.  So for the first couple of years when food trucks were all the rage, I kind of missed out which was frustrating!  But who has time to chase trucks all over town just to show up right when they’re running out?  So when Matt Cohen founded Off the Grid, which brings food trucks from all over the Bay Area together into centralized locations I was thrilled!  Finally, an efficient way to sample from many food trucks and support my local food scene.  It’s like I’m traveling & eating all around the world right in here in San Francisco.

This short video takes you on a tour of the Fort Mason Off the Grid market…take a quick look and then swing by this Friday and check it out yourself!

So where did we eat this week?  We sampled from the following food trucks…and honestly, not one was a miss.  I can’t guarantee that will always bee the case, but on this warm night in San Francisco everything we ate was spectacular!

Azalina’s – Malaysian pumpkin fritters
Hapa SF – Lechon Pork buritto
Fogcutter – Torta Mi (pork belly, pickled diakon & carrots, cilantro, etc….)
Seoul on Wheels – Spicy pork Korean tacos
Crème Brûlée Cart – one Mexican Chocolate & one Dulce de Leche

To add to the festivities there are often some great local musicians (Alma Desnuda this week!) and local beers on tap.  Seriously, come on down this Friday and check out Fort Mason Off the Grid, you’ll have a great time and leave with a content belly, I promise!

There are over 15 Off the Grid markets every week throughout San Francisco (and Marin, Berkeley & San Mateo) for you to choose from.  The Fort Mason OTG (which is the largest) is every Friday night from 5pm-10pm in the Fort Mason parking lot at Laguna St. & Marina Blvd.