I keep waiting until a time where we actually eat in at Pacific Catch instead of ordering out to take a good photo and tell you about it, but I’ve decided enough is enough and it’s time to share!  Pacific Catch is by far our favorite take-out place…we order it in at least twice a month, which is saying a lot for us since we prefer to try new places and are rarely repeat customers!

So what’s so great about Pacific Catch?  They have fantastically fresh seafood, great flavor combinations and super high-quality ingredients.  I order the same exact thing every time (which again, is crazy for me!)…not because the other bites I’ve had aren’t delicious as well but because I genuinely crave this dish pictured above (it would be even prettier if not in a take-out container!).  So what is it?  It is the Japanese Wasabi Bowl with Poke and half brown rice/half salad (instead of the full white rice order it usually comes with).  So freaking good!  Ridiculously fresh Ahi, avocado, fresh ginger, micro greens, wakame salad, shredded nori all lightly dressed in a soy wasabi sauce.  Don’t let the wasabi in the  name fool you, it’s not super spicy.  Mix it all together sit back and eat some of the most guilt-free yet satisfying take-out you’ve ever had!  

Christian often gets the Korean Barbecue Bowl with Shrimp and brown rice (the grilled green onion & sauce are delish!) and we almost always get either the edamame or miso soup.  The red-white blended miso is really good, especially when you spring an extra $1 to add mushrooms and asparagus.  We’ve never done dessert, but I’ve noticed a newer one called Mochi Fondue Ice Cream that I’m going to have to try sometime soon.  I love mochi and I love fondue…sounds right up my alley!

So what are you waiting for?  Next time you’re in the Marina, near Golden Gate Park (9th & Lincoln), in Corte Madera or Campbell, CA (where?) make sure to pop into Pacific Catch for some deliciously fresh food that will have you grabbing a frequent-buyer card on your way out.  Beware…it’s addictive!