We live in a city over-run with cupcakes shops.  I don’t know if this trend has taken such a strong hold across the entire country or we are unique here in San Francisco, but within less than a mile from my own house I have at least 4 cupcake devoted bakeries!  But alas, my favorite cupcake does not live in my neighborhood, but my all-time favorite cupcake is in of all places, touristy Union Square.

It’s at a little shop on O’Farrell at Powell, right in the craziness of it all, called Cāko Bakery.  This morsel of goodness is called the Andes Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake (click the link to see how it should look since mine got a little smashed in transit!) and I honestly crave it and find myself at Cāko pretty much anytime I am in Union Square.  As I’m writing this I’m actually trying to come up with reasons why I need to go back to Union Square (or their second location in Japan Town) again today just as an excuse to get another one of these cupcakes!

So why is it so good?  Well the cupcake itself is a dark, moist, rich chocolate and it has chunks of Andes mints broken up within the cupcake itself!  The frosting though, is where it’s at. While it almost has a slight cream cheese frosting taste, any base flavor is completely overtaken by the perfect amount of mint infused throughout every bite.  And those crunchy little green sprinkles just add the perfect textural contrast to the moist, decadent cupcake and frosting.  And that lovely single Andes mint on top?  Well I personally take it off and eat it right up on it’s own as a nice little preview to the deliciousness to come once I bite into the cupcake.

Seriously….go get yourself one of these and let me know what you think!  Sorry in advance for the addiction.

And do share, what’s your favorite cupcake in the Bay Area??