I don’t know if there’s anywhere in the world I’d rather be during the Fall than in the Bay Area.  Fall in San Francisco is always spectacular, and this year has been no exception.  Bar Bocce, in Sausalito is one of the best places to experience this phenomenal weather.  Grab a glass of Prosecco from the bar and play a round of bocce on their water-front court while you wait for a seat on their great big outdoor patio and you have yourself an afternoon!

If you happen to get to Bar Bocce a bit later in the day or didn’t hit it on one of our spectacular fall days have no fear…they have a great big fire pit and cozy fleece blankets for you to wrap around yourself while you stare wistfully at the shimmering water and idyllic house boats.

So…how’s the food?  Well, Robert Price of Buckeye Roadhouse and Bungalow 44 is in charge of the kitchen so you’re in good hands.  But like so many restaurants with amazing spaces and views, the food doesn’t quite live up to the ambience.  It’s good food, but not great food…but the spot is so fantastic that I do always find myself coming back for more.  Some of our recent samplings from the menu…

The zucchini, pecorino & toasted pumpkin seed salad is a fantastic idea and really quite good, but not executed perfectly.  It was a bit heavy handed on the lemon and a bit light on the pumpkin seeds and pecorino in my opinion.  I will definitely be replicating this dish at home though…great flavor combination!


The meatball appetizer arrived with a nice hefty dusting of parmesan cheese…something I always appreciate.  The meatballs are a bit dense, but the flavor of the meat was great…which I guess it should be since they use Kobe beef.  Studded with onions and nicely spiced and sauced, these meatballs deliver.


The pizza is where things go astray for me a bit…which was unexpected my first time since I had heard such great things about their pizza.  But as you all know, I judge a pizza place by their Margherita pizza and the Margherita pizza alone.  We are quite spoiled in the Bay Area with some top notch shops spinning out amazing Margherita pizzas so this one just didn’t live up.  The crust droops when you pick up a slice despite the minimal toppings, the sauce honestly tastes like it comes from a can and the cheese is seemingly non-existent.  Remember, this comes from a girl who always gets Burrata on the Margherita when it’s an option (which it isn’t at Bar Bocce)  so the cheese issue is a big deal to me!

Now, their other pizzas are pretty good…but to me, that just means they have good toppings, not that they necessarily make good pizza.  Especially since their crust certainly can’t support the extra toppings.  That being said, I do enjoy ordering their other pizzas from time to time…but the Margherita no more for me.  Doesn’t hold a candle to A16 or even Delarossa for that matter.

The atmosphere and experience of Bar Bocce is what it’s all about though…and like I said, good food just not amazing food, but you know it doesn’t always have to be about having the best meal of your life.  Especially if your trading it off to have an amazing afternoon in a spot as beautiful as Bar Bocce.